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ChaltaFarm Milk Powders and Dairy Export Department


Get an insider's look at Chaltafarm and explore it's story in motion.

Chaltafarm is a symbol of innovation, sustainability, and excellence in manufacturing. From our cutting-edge facilities to our unwavering commitment to quality, every aspect of Chaltafarm reflects our dedication to excellence. As we continue to grow and evolve, our mission remains unchanged: to be the benchmark for manufacturing excellence in the industry. Watch videos of our factory in action and our quality products in detail.


Chaltafarm Instant WMP Solubility Test

Unsalted Sweet Cream Butter 25KG - Chalta farm

White Unstalted Sweet Cream Butter - Chalta farm

Choosing the Right Milk Powder for Yoghurt Production

Solubility comparison: Instant Agglomerated SMP VS Regular SMP


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