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The Iran Agro-food 2023 exhibition proved to be a great platform for Chaltafarm Dairy and Powders, as we showcased our diverse range of high-quality dairy products. From 16th to 19th June, Chaltafarm Dairy and Powders had the opportunity to connect with numerous clients, agents, and industry professionals from a multitude of countries. With an impressive lineup of products such as SMP (Skimmed Milk Powder), WMP (Full-fat Milk Powder), SCB (Sweet Cream Butter), ISMP (Instant Skimmed Milk Powder), UHT-SMP, BMP (Buttermilk Powder), and Agglomerated SMP, the company attracted attention and sealed several prosperous deals, further enhancing its global presence.

The Chaltafarm team's prominent presence at the exhibition

A Global Stage
The Iran Agro-food 2023 exhibition transcended geographical boundaries, bringing together industry experts, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts from a plethora of nations. Chaltafarm Dairy and Powders had the privilege of welcoming visitors from countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, UAE, Syria, Qatar, Turkey, Oman, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Russia, Turkmenistan, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Somalia, Libya, and Egypt. This diverse audience created a dynamic environment for networking, knowledge sharing, and exploring opportunities for collaboration.

A Showcase of Excellence

Our team at Chaltafarm Dairy and Powders left no stone unturned in presenting our top-notch dairy products at the exhibition. Our wide range of offerings caters to the diverse tastes and requirements of the global market. The products on display included:

SMP (Skimmed Milk Powder):

Chaltafarm Dairy and Powders' SMP showcased our commitment to quality and purity, making it an ideal ingredient for various food and beverage applications.

WMP (Whole Milk Powder):

The WMP offered by Chaltafarm Dairy and Powders was a testament to our expertise in preserving the rich flavor and nutritional value of whole milk in a convenient powdered form.

SCB (Sweet Cream Butter):

The SCB exhibited the company's dedication to producing premium butter, with its smooth texture and delightful taste leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

ISMP (Instant SMP):

Chaltafarm Dairy and Powders' ISMP highlighted our innovation and understanding of consumer preferences, providing a quick and convenient solution for instant milk needs.


The UHT-SMP demonstrated Chaltafarm Dairy and Powders' commitment to delivering long-lasting freshness and convenience in our dairy products.

BMP (Buttermilk Powder):

Chaltafarm Dairy and Powders' BMP showcased our ability to transform buttermilk into a versatile and shelf-stable powdered form, ideal for a range of culinary applications.

Agglomerated SMP:

The Agglomerated SMP showcased the company's expertise in creating a free-flowing and easily soluble milk powder that delivers consistent quality in various applications.

agrofood iran 2023-chaltafarm (shameh shir Co)

Unveiling the showcase of Chaltafarm's dairy products at the Agrofood 2023 exhibition

Building Bridges and Sealing Deals
The Iran Agro-food 2023 exhibition served as a meeting point for Chaltafarm Dairy and Powders and industry professionals seeking high-quality dairy products. Throughout the event, our company engaged in fruitful discussions, fostered new relationships and successfully secured several business deals. The presence of a diverse audience created an atmosphere of knowledge exchange and mutual learning, allowing Chaltafarm Dairy and Powders to gain valuable insights and industry trends from different corners of the globe.

Beyond Borders
Chaltafarm Dairy and Powders' participation in the Iran Agro-food 2023 exhibition was not only an opportunity to expand our customer base but also a chance to reinforce our commitment to delivering excellence in the dairy industry. Our success in making impactful connections and striking lucrative deals reaffirmed our position as a trusted player in the global market.

agrofood exhibition-chaltafarm - shameh shir factory

Iran Agrofood 2023 exhibition - Chaltafarm

The Iran Agro-food 2023 exhibition proved to be a significant milestone for Chaltafarm Dairy and Powders, allowing us to showcase our wide range of dairy products to an international audience. The event facilitated fruitful collaborations, knowledge sharing, and the establishment of valuable connections with clients, agents, and industry professionals from diverse countries. Chaltafarm Dairy and Powders' participation in this exhibition not only bolstered our global presence but also strengthened our commitment to delivering exceptional dairy products to customers worldwide.

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