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Whole Milk Powder UHT Grade

Chaltafarm Whole Milk Powder 26-28% fat for Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) Milk is made by spray drying fresh pasteurized cow’s milk. It is a soluble powder with a desirable sweet flavor. “UHT grade” differentiation is that this kind of milk powder contains low aerobic thermophilic spores. Aerobic thermophilic spores are known to be resistant to high temperatures and some species can survive the sterilization process, potentially causing product defects. spores can cause a bad taste or gelation with heat treatment. Chaltafarm Full-fat Milk Powder UHT Grade is low in Aerobic Thermophilic Spores, ideal for manufacturing UHT, and other long-life milk products. low spore or UHT-grade full-cream milk powder is specific for UHT dairy beverages, confectionery, and yogurt applications.
Heat Stable
Rich creamy flavour
with low thermophilic spores
UHT Grade Whole Milk Powder

Size / Weight:
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5 Layer Bag

Pcs Per Box


Box Gross Weight

25.5 (Kg)

Mother Packaging

Kraft and plastic bag with seal

Shelf Life (Month)


Storage Condition (Temp)



Fresh Whole Cow's Milk

Chaltafarm UHT Whole Milk Powder (low spore dried whole milk powder) is produced from pure, natural fresh cow’s milk. The liquid full-fat milk is pasteurized and evaporated into a concentrate and then spray-dried into UHT whole milk powder form. Chaltafarm Full Cream Milk Powder UHT Grade is a spray-dried, cream-colored powder with a rich creamy flavor. The origin of our Industrial UHT-grade whole milk powder is Iran, and it is exported from this country.
UHT grade whole Milk Powder | Supply and export from Iran | Chaltafarm Dairy
Heat Stable Industrial UHT grade full-fat milk powder low spore content Iran Full_cream UHT Powdered Milk


Multi-layer bags with PE inner bag

No staples or metal clamps are used.

  • Net Weight: 25 kg
  • Gross Weight: 25.25 kg


It is recommended that the Whole Milk Powder UHT Grade is stored at below 20°C, with relative humidity below 60%, in an odor-free environment and away from direct sunlight. Stocks should be used in rotation, within twenty-four months.

The stored product should preferably be consumed within 18 months after production.

Features / Benefits:

Good Dispersibility

Good Solubility

Low Thermophilic Spores

High-Fat Content


Iran's UHT-grade Whole fat milk powder (WMP) from Chaltafarm Dairy can be used in the following applications and Industries:

  • Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) milk
  • Pasteurized Milk
  • yogurt and Ice cream
  • Fermented Milk

Stringent quality and production standards deliver a milk powder with low thermophilic spore counts suitable for manufacturing UHT milk.

For more information on how to order and import full-fat milk powder (UHT Grade) 25 kg from Chaltafarm Dairy, visit the Contact section.






Total Weight

25 Kg

Length (cm)


Width (cm)


Height (cm)


Prod license



Fresh Whole Cow's Milk

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